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Trade mission Climate and Waste Management

Last November Dordtech took part in the Dutch trade mission to Indonesia. It was for the first time that the special submission about Climate and Waste Management has been organised.

Part of the program has been the visit to the big landfill Banter Geban used to dump most of Jakarta’s waste: a major problem of 7000 tons of garbage per day where the Indonesian government is searching for the right solution.

‘Green villages’: using gas treatment to generate electricity

An other project that has been visited is the one called ‘green villages’ where housing is created in a sustainable way, waste is being separated and a gas treatment system will provide the houses with electricity.

Dordtech to engineer and supply gas-treatment system for landfill solution

Witnessed by state secretary Dijksma, chairman of the Dutch association for SME’s (MKB Nederland) Hans de Boer and the Indonesian minister of investments, Dordtech signed an agreement with her partners from North Sulawesi which already resulted in the first project: processing garbage into electric energy.

klimaat en waste managemeng landfillFurthermore, Dordtech will stabilise and fill the energy supply on several remote islands by engineering and supplying so-called power pontoons.



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