Biomass to power 1,6 MWe

Biomass to power 1,6 MWe

In Stratford, UK an installation was built in 2017 for a producer of rapeseed oil and pet food. The installation is based on the combustion of biomass and does provide for energy supply for own use.


Biomass (logging residues) is used to heat a thermal oil system by combustion. The energy from the thermal oil is then used to drive an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). This unit then produces up to 1.6 MWe


The residual heat is used to process the rapeseed into rapeseed oil in the autoclaves of the factory


Dordtech has engineered, installed and commissioned the generators in the installation.

Project location

Stratford, UK

Project type

Biogas powerplant (2017)